Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crafter's Companion Spray and Sparkle!

Finally! A glitter in a spray format that works!
I am testing the Spray and Sparkle range from Crafter's Companion and I am thrilled with the results!

To work on my first card I hand ripped a piece of card stock to create an interesting mask.

Then I sprayed some of the Spray and Sparkle on all the edges.

The edges looked great. I removed the mask and sprayed one fine mist over the entire image so the whole piece would have glitter.

Then I had the "ah Ha" moment.
I have a gazillion brass stencils.
I never used them....but I bought so many. I decided to test the spray through the stencil!

Wow! The detail is still all there! Now I can create my own glittered background papers!

Here is a close up of the images attached to the background paper.

I will be demonstrating these sprays on The Shopping Channel next week! This is really amazing news because the sprays are not available in Canada right now! I am going to demonstrate masking techniques.

On this card I applied glitter to just her wings.

And on this card I just sprayed the glitter onto her rose hat.

My new cards look and feel fantastic. I just wish I had these sprays years ago!


SaraDavies said...

WOW - I love how you've put a totally different spin on our glitter sprays! Love the technique with the fern - that looks AMAZING!

Karin said...

This looks realy great

~ Ali ~ said...

Stunning creations very creative and love your style. good luck with the show you will rock if these examples are anything to go by.

Ali x

The Pendant Studio said...

I love it! So much sparkle!

Eileen Bergen said...

The cards are absolutely gorgeous, Carmi!

I can't wait to get some of that glitter spray myself. I shy away from glitter because of the mess it makes. It's like sand - you're finding it in your clothes weeks later. lol.

PatR said...

Great way to use the sprays to great effect. I'll be getting my brass stencils back out and getting them back in use. Thanks for the idea.