Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Honour System

Farmers may be the only group of people left using the honour system for payment.

We stopped to pick up our pumpkins and there it was. The "put the money in here" yogurt container. I love the honour system. I wonder what sales would be like for me if I set up my card booth and left a little bucket for payment......

Magnus is very interested in the pumpkins. I put this one at his eye level. Then I reminded myself, this is his first pumpkin! We'll be outdoors most of the day today. I think this will be the last time we cut the grass and perhaps all the outdoor furniture and fixtures will get stored.
Happy Saturday Friends.

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Irene said...

Isn't that something. I know the honour system never worked for me. I was always missing something. Like the whole yoghurt container. too bad.

Kathyk said...

It's a brave man who uses the honor system these days but I hope there was money in that yogurt pot. I once stayed in a small hotel (in the UK) where the bar was on an honor system (way back when!) - wonder if they would still offer it now!
Great pumpkin - did Magnus get one of his own?


Carmi said...

The yogurt container was full of cash! I was so amazed at the trust level!

Heather Lancaster said...

Very impressive! I imagine that it still works when you know your neighbors and they are counting on the same system?! Or maybe if your neighborhood has no teenage children?lol

My daughter does a lemonade stand and has a much more profitable afternoon if she 'accepts donations' per glass, instead of charging a set fee!

Francy said...

hmmmmm. the honor system is a great thought but I would not advise anyone to do this in their booth! But what a more wonderful world it would be if we (I) could trust like that again.

Beautiful pics of the pumpkins and your puppy checking out his first pumpkin.