Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Making My Own 3D Decoupage Sheets

This little card took some time to create. I hope you can tell that the main image is three dimensional (3D.)

I have been researching three dimensional decoupage for a few weeks now. Since I am waiting for various orders to arrive in the mail I thought I would try to make a few of my own sheets to cut and paste. My little french postcard was a perfect test. I printed her out in two sizes and quickly realized that cutting a smaller image would test my nerves.

This is my girl four layers high.

The addition of a little glitter always makes me happy. This was an excellent experiment.


Irene said...

Well you are far more patient than I.

ENJAY said...

Thats brilliant!! It looks like its always been designed as a decoupage image! Lovely image to pick aswell!!

donnajean said...

Looks great and the dimension shows. That is a lot of work!

Eileen Bergen said...

I love how you glittered her dress and the table top. That's a cool technique - very retro.