Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can I Say Hand Made Flowers?

I wish I could send this bouquet of flowers to each and every one of my blog readers.
This vase represents three years of hard labor.

This garden has been a work in progress for a long time. It is finally at the point where I can walk to it and cut some flowers to fill my vase. I have had many of these perennials given to me. Nancy and my Dad provided many of the plants. I am very grateful. I have a lot of space to fill!

Once my vase was full I wasn't sure where to take the best photo. It feels like I made these flowers.....I certainly spent a lot of time on them! I think they are my outdoor art!

I offered them to the dragon. They looked great there.
But it is so hot I am certain they won't last long here.

So they are now happily displayed in the kitchen where we enjoyed seeing them during lunch. Three years = one fabulous vase!


MarissaDW said...

Carmi, these are lovely flowers. It is great to have the plants growing at your backyard and ready to be picked. I enjoy the lavenders and day lilies growing in my garden, too.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

At this point, you can say whatever you want, but I say BRAVO for persisting. From strewing to fretting these are indeed the fruits of your labours over the years. Looks like a mighty fine crop this year and a wonderful display. Enjoy! My verification word is "crojzsa" that sounds like a new species!

Susie Jefferson said...

Congratulations on a wonderful job with your garden. Ours was in a similar condition and it's taken my husband nearly 5 years to get it halfway decent. The soil is very stony which makes planting even more difficult.

Your flowers are really lovely.

nancy said...

i'm so happy my "babies"
have such a loving and caring home!