Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tapestry Cord and Glass Beads

This summer I'll be wearing lots of bright beads combinered with Global Chic tapestry cords from John Bead. The cotton wrapped cord is lightweight and colorful and adds so much interest to anything I want to make.

For this necklace I was inspired to use some of my antiquing finds.  I picked up these jars of odds and ends last June in a bigger antique market and was interested to see that one was labeled "African Trade Beads."

I do not know enough about African Trade beads to authenticate this collection.
Truly antique trade beads would be very expensive and many belong in museums.  These would be current reproductions.
I just love them no matter what they are.

A nice grouping of beads and a glass pendant was all I needed to build my necklace.


martha brown said...

I've got a bunch of antique trade beads kicking around somewhere. I'll save them for you. I bought them in the early 80s. ( my mom was an antique dealer, so we both bought some) I think that we got them at a retail trade show in Toronto. I also bought an antique Persian rug that was made into a real carpet bag at the same show....

Carmi Cimicata said...

Suddenly I love them. I have a feeling I passed up on them in the past thinking they were too I think they are just perfect!