Thursday, November 12, 2015

When Paper Crafting Becomes Leather Crafting

I do believe I have the prettiest set of luggage tags ever!

My tags are unique because they bring together three unique items:

1.  Second Skin Fish leather.
2.  Soft leather.
3.  A paper crafting die from Sizzix.

Ever since I saw this little ad on the Sizzix website I had an idea that these tags would be brilliant cut from leather.

I contacted Eileen to see if anyone had made a leather tag and was so pleased when she sent the actual die to me!

I used new leather sheets from John Bead in my big shot with no issues whatsoever.  There are quite a few colors to choose from so rather than make one tag I opted to make two.

Fish leather is truly made of fish...and no, it doesn't smell at all.  This sustainable leather is fun to work with because it immediately gives your project a luxury look and feel.  (I have many, many projects featuring fish leather on John Bead's blog.)  

I added some Quick Grip glue around my tag edge and then inserted the fish leather.

Beading the edges comes naturally to me...working as I do for "John Bead."

A little ribbon and an extra mini ribbon embellishment on the pink tag completed my project.

A Safety Message
I have been told that it is best to have a luggage tag that does not show your name and address. For women travelling alone, this is a better option.