Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Upcycling Older Sculptural Art

I have added a new piece of artwork to my home!  It is a refreshed version of a very "brown" old framed head.

 When I found my artwork it was hanging behind a lot of other paintings.  I actually thought the head was wood.  I was attracted to the idea of a 3D portrait, but knew I could not live with the original colour scheme.
 It wasn't until I deconstructed the canvas that I discovered the head was heavy for a reason.
 It is made of cement!  Happily, it was also made in Canada.
 I used spray paint to get my new art deco shiny colour palette of black and silver.
 The new background is this gorgeous velvet wallpaper I found in Paris.
I love it now!

1 comment :

Monica Lore said...

And I here I thought you would make a mould out of it and cast it in resin....8-)
Awesome looking now!