Monday, March 10, 2014

Crafting and Bead Blogger links!

Andrew hosts a monthly challenge on his blog called, Inspired by Reading. Check out the reveal for January and February's selections, "The Enchantress of Florence" by Salman Rushdie and "Difficult Loves" by Italio Calvino.

A broken mirror floor becomes the inspiration for this new resin filled bezel!

What I look for when I see junk, vintage and antique jewelry!

Did you ever have a dream you were staying in a gorgeous hotel on the beach while surrounded by beads? Lisa shares part 2 of her trip to Beadland, USA.

Check out our new monthly challenge piece - Birds on Riser, by Swiss artist Adolf Dietrich.

Have you ever woven a quilt? 

Cyndi shows the next steps of how she integrated soutache braid into one of her bead embroidered necklaces.

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