Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Tweet Big Thank You and The How-To

The Monday after the Creativ Festival seems like such a slow one.
A weekend of teaching, demoing and seeing friends is hard to let go of.
So it is give Thanks Monday!
So many people helped to make the "Sweet Tweet Make and Take" possible that I thought I would share them on my blog today.

Westcott Scissors sponsored me to create this project.  This means they covered the time I needed to design, photograph and write up the how-tos.  They also sponsored all the time needed to create the Make and Take booth at the Creativ Festival.  Finally, they covered the costs associated with making up all the Make and Take kits.

The Craft and Hobby Association, through the Canada Sews committee invited me to submit the project to be featured in their booth.  They provided staffing, volunteers and the table space for the Make and Take.

A Needle Pulling Thread magazine designed and printed the sign and the beautiful step by step handout we gave to everyone.

HA KIDD provided the the felt, feathers, stuffing material, buttons, needles, embroidery thread and other components to bring these birdies to life.

Northcott Fabric donated gorgeous material.

It really does take a craft village to pull off one of these events.  Thank you to everyone!

Now, for those of you who could not attend, here is the Sweet Tweet Project!

Sweet Tweets Birdie Make and Take
You can create your own bird or a flock of birds using a simple pattern, fabrics and a little hand stitching.
You can make birds from felt, paper, fabric or even leather.

 Cut out your paper template and pin it to two pieces of fabric.  Then cut out the main body shape.  The beak and tail feather are optional.  
This folk art shape is a classic bird.
 Cut a beak and tail feather from a contrasting felt colour.  You only need one of each shape.

Position these two pieces to what will be the inside of one of your bird bodies.  You will be sewing these in place shortly. 

 You can sew an eye to the outside (front) of your bird.  Then join your two pieces and hand stitch around ¾ of the bird body.

 When most of the bird has been stitched, you can push some poly-fil or cotton balls into your bird to make it three-dimensional.  Then finish stitching it closed.
Your bird will look super at this point.  
You could stop here or continue embellishing it.
You can sew on a real feather and a metal ring to make it easier to hang.  I attach the occasional charm, bells and buttons to my finished birds.  It takes about thirty minutes to craft one of these friendly birds.  Create a flock!

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I don't know how I missed you, but so glad to see you are becoming a regular contributor to The Needle Pulling Thread.