Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baroque Style

This is the newest addition to my jewelry cabinet.
Having just arrived by mail from Estonia I am so excited to share it with you!

The baroque style trend has really captured my attention.  When I saw this trend report from Bottica I really focussed on all the elements on the page.  The third item from the top caught my eye...and happily I discovered the piece had not sold yet.  I don't think I have ever checked out on Paypal faster.
"Creating textile jewelry has evolved into a passion and a process of meditation where time stops for Krista. The technique she uses has evolved from 10 years of hand sewing and beading experience, and her visions are influenced by the historical costumes, ball gowns and accessories of past centuries, as well as by antique textiles, Pre-Raphaelite paintings and the colors of nature. She describes the feel of creating her signature pieces close to painting a picture with threads and beads." 
"Krista calls her technique of freehand embroidery “intuitive sewing”, since most designs are created without any sketches. Over the years, Krista has learned to trust the sense of color and the feel of material and texture completely. Her embroidered textile accessories are one-of-a-kind or very limited edition of 2-3 pieces due to the rare antique and vintage materials used and the intuitive process of creating. Her favorite fibers to work with are natural - silk, cotton, mohair and linen."
I will just place the necklace on a display stand and keep it on my studio table to enjoy for the next few weeks.

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Karen said...

You are becoming a jewelry queen!! Beautiful