Sunday, June 23, 2013

Backyard Birdies

 With summer officially here I am a bit surprised at how many birds are still just starting their nests.  A few have picked the worst locations to build.  This one decided to build a nest overnight and lay an egg and got the shock of her life when my hubby came out to water the planters.....sadly, this nest is now abandoned.
 This bird gave up before the nest even took shape.  Sticks and mess everywhere.
 This is the view from one of our downstairs windows.  My peripheral vision kept picking up on a blur and when I opened the blinds to take a good look I found this Momma bird all sorted.
 She picked an ingenious spot to make a nest.  Out of the rain and in a nice little corner.
She doesn't like it when I stand by the window though!  Looks like we will have to avoid the area for a few weeks until the eggs hatch.

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