Saturday, April 13, 2013

The 6th - I Love Being Here

Our flight to Paris was excellent and happily we were met by our apartment rental contact the minute we stepped out of our taxi. This door is our street entrance.
Once past the entry we have a little walkway to our stairs/elevator where we are now living for the next eight days.  Staying in the 6th is always wonderful.  It is ideal for walking everywhere and the neighbourhood is full of stores, art galleries and architecture.
When we step out this is our fabulous view.  This wall has been preserved by Paris.  It features graffiti tribute art for a famous Parisan named Serge Gainsbourg who lived here.  Serge was a FFrench singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor and director.  He was also very controversial. 
There are always people taking pictures here so it is fun to have it as our first site every time we exit the apartment.
Here is the front door...
And here is the greatest door bell ever!
This is our main walking route.  Also perfect! 

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Anonymous said...

lovely post - so exciting to follow you on your latest Paris adventure. loved seeing the Serge wall - I didn't get to see this on my visit (I will on my next one) - is this actually his old residence Carmi? I visited his gravesite at Montparnasse and that was pretty amazing to see :-) Have fun. Philippa xx