Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dinner and Dessert

 One of the reasons I love to rent an apartment in Paris is so that I can have my own kitchen while I am here.  Otherwise, how would I experience a treat like this fabulous tomato tart?
 We have an amazing market just down the street.  The manager gave us a fabric shopping bag...clearly he knew we would be coming back.
Our dessert was amazing!  We can't wait to pick out our next meal.  If I had a food market this beautifully stocked at home...I'd weigh 300 pounds.


Irene said...

Looks wonderful.

ludgera said...

Love to join you!

Monica Lore said...

Oh, and the bag even has a napoleonic bee on it - how could it be any better!

Carmi said...

I loved the bee too! My eyes lit up and I think they were surprised at my excitement for a free bag!