Thursday, July 12, 2012

Think Like A Man

 This is the Westcott 3 Inch Fine Cut Scissor.
 It is just one of the tools in the Westcott special kit I presented on The Shopping Channel Monday.  (There are just a few kits still available online. )
 When I presented the kit I focused on this scissor as something embroidery crafters would enjoy.  It is ideal for cutting tiny threads and detail work. I also like to point out how large the finger bows more pinching.  But when I showed it on-air to Richard, the host on The Shopping Channel he had a whole new take on them.  
"I need a pair to get all the labels cut off  new clothes!"
 He was so right!   Here I am at home using a steak knife to get these tiny sewn areas takes forever!
So, I am glad a man saw a better use for them.  I'll keep these in my bedroom now where I can grab them quickly after getting home from a shop!

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CalibyCreations said...

Yay, Richard. It is one of the things I use mine for. I have 3 one on each table and one in the dressing room.