Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday And I Am in Paris

 I think I set a personal travel record today.  I landed in Paris at 8:15am, waited 30 minutes for luggage, grabbed a taxi, dropped my luggage off at the hotel, hopped on the Metro and was at the big antique market north of the city by 10:15am....a lot of the stalls were still just opening up!
I truly enjoy walking through this big antique district.  You never know what you will see around any corner.
I would love to have some of this metal.  I don't think it would do well in my luggage. 
If my van was here...I would load up these cherubs.
The wisteria in the antique market is in full bloom.  I am glad I didn't miss this show.
I need a container to get this shipped to Canada.....
I am so happy to be antiquing here this weekend!


nancy said...

i wish i was there.
and yes there would be some metal in my luggage

Maria Loca said...

I love the doll school desks...can you bring those home for my girlies?

monica lore said...

Just going through your first few days of this year's trip. I have to admit to a terrible jealousy. My family and I were there a few decades ago now, and its made a lasting impression.
Your problem is you haven't embraced Suze's favourite phrase yet: "Do you ship?". Betcha the postman can bring lots a goodies home for you!