Monday, April 16, 2012

Printemps - My Favorite Department Store In Paris!

When you walk into the doors of the Printemps Department store you know they are celebrating spring.  This larger than life bunny was stunning and made of white flowers!
 The windows of this store are so wonderful.  I walked the whole exterior to see them myself.  Luckily they have them on their website so you can see them too.  They are very difficult to photograph.
 The mannequins on the main floor knocked my socks off.  I was amazed no one told me to put my camera away!
 The store was super busy!  There were long line ups at Louis Vuitton and Channel.
 I imagine their display team is very happy with this event.
 Can you imagine the ideas?
 Sigh.  So good.
I was very sad I did not come here for lunch today.  Their new eating areas are modern and bright.  I was so impressed! 
I have to tell you that I went to the Galeries Lafayette first.  This USED TO BE my favourite department store.  I found the store looked a little dishevelled.  It didn't help that a mouse ran by me in the big cafeteria...a place I always recommended.  So, I won't be going back any time soon.

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Melanie said...

No mousy Macaroons for you - thank goodness, since while they look lovely, we didn't much care for them!