Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Beamish Museum

There is no way to fully showcase all that I saw and did while at "The North of England Open Air Museum" known as The Beamish Museum.  The commemorative book describes it as an experience of a life time and it truly is.  If you are planning to go to the Olympic festivities this year, try and make some time for Beamish.
From the moment you drive onto the grounds and are greeted by a parking agent dressed in period clothing, you will know that you are walking into the early 1900's.  It really is like time machine travel.  What I loved the most about this museum is the constant encouragement by museum staff to "try this, touch this, why don't you sit in it" mentality.  There are no velvet ropes blocking your entrance here.  The staff speak as though they are taking a moment away from their chores to tell you what they are up to.  Then, should you need a 1/4 pound of sugar, they'll wrap it up for you.  Tools, vehicles and supplies are all true to the time line.  
There is a coal mine on site.  All I can say is that I had a small anxiety attack within it.  We traveled to a space inside a coal shaft to see what it was like for a miner.....and when they turned out the lights....OMG.  Miners are super heroes or crazy.  I am not sure which is the better description.
 The animals at the museum are incredible.  It was lamb birthing experience I will not soon forget.   See that little lamb in the corner.  I wondered how to get him into my purse.  Can I just mention how wonderful it is that you can bring you dog here?  My Magnus would have loved that horse.
This post should have been titled "eating my way through Beamish."  I had the world's best fruit scone for breakfast, the ploughman's lunch, samples at every fire place, and the ladies I traveled with got me hooked on sherbet in the candy store.  
Sherbet you say?  Just sugar in a bag you eat with a lolly pop.
As an artist, I naturally fell in love with the wall coverings, vintage needle work and stained glass.
Last but not least.  This museum gets a ten out of ten for transportation.  I think we rode in all of these street cars and buses.  They are fabulous and a wonderful sight when you see them at a distance.  
Children will LOVE Beamish.  I know my nephew would have loved these street cars.
I had a wonderful time.  Thank you to Sara Davies and family for the trip and now that I have the one year membership I will need to plot my return!


Lynsey said...

Wow Carmi I love your photos you have captured all the details so well!
Hugs Lynsey x

SaraDavies said...

AWESOME DAY!!! Missing you already!!!