Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Things I Don't See

I would be hopeless in a Police line up.  I miss so many details.  I only see what I want to see and rarely take in a whole scene.  That's why this post has such a weird photo.  Walking along Toronto's Queen Street I stop and look in a lot of windows.  I think you all know I love mannequin heads and this window had several.
 There are so many interesting shops on Queen.  
It is fun to just look and see what is new.
 This mannequin head was very beautiful.  
I took a picture thinking I might go back and ask how much it is....or if it is for sale. 
It wasn't till I got home and looked at the photo that I saw the CREEPY BLUE MONKEY statue in the back ground!  What is that thing?

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Candace said...

ROFL!!! Carmi you crack me up! That is one weird blue thingy that's for sure.