Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Collecting Japanese Style

 Earlier this week on Resin Crafts blog I had a post about some bottle caps I made featuring stickers from a Japanese style department store we have in Toronto.  I love this store.  I can't walk by it without going in and buying one, two or three of these collector packs.   
Remember the thrill you had as a kid collecting baseball cards?  
This is the same...accept you collect teeny tiny food.
 You heard me.  Food.  
You don't know what is in the pack until you open it up.  This is a sushi series.
 This is the Disney inspired Retro Kitchen series.  I am trying to get the mouse yoke....but I got mouse desserts this time.
And my favorite!  French Restaurant.  I got the lamb and chops set!
I should be back in the store in a few weeks...who knows what I will get next!


salla said...

that is just awesome! on so many many levels

Karen said...

You have too much time on your hands!!!! haha

MarissaDW said...

OMG girl! That looks like a Lego Mini fig package. You're a little girl all over again.

LOL at Karen's comment.

I can't wait what you come up with this....and show us off for laughing, last night!

claudine hellmuth said...

i love Rement!!

fizbobunny said...

Love the Mickey butter statue. We got a real one once when dining in Cinderella's castle.