Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Little Tool That Will Change My Life

Here it is.
Small, cute and pretty.
It might be overly dramatic to say it will change my life...but it sure will contribute to it.
This is one of the scissors I will be debuting in a wonderful sewing/quilting kit on The Shopping Channel tonight.  Westcott, the world's favorite scissors are going to be on-air for the first time and the 3 Inch Fine Cut titanium bonded scissors are in the kit.
And they truly work!
For years I have tried to use these tiny Victorian style scissors for fine detail work. 
My hands are large and quite frankly, the scissors don't feel right when I hold them.  Because of that, I have subconsciously avoided detail work.  When you don't have the right tool for the job...you are less likely to complete the project and even less likely to complete it well.
 Then Westcott introduces me to these scissors.  The thumb and finger bows are large.  They are contoured with a soft grip.  They are quite frankly, very comfortable.  See how my thumb has lot's of room now.  Also, see that area I marked...bruising from the other scissors.
So I have to ask myself.
I have so many expensive tools in my studio.  I have wonderful sewing machines and a serger.
I have fabrics and fibers.  I have every sort of paper man can create.  I have threads of every weight and size.  
Why do I have crappy scissors?  
My stainless steel gummed up blade scissors are in the garage where they can end their days cutting twine for recycling.

 For my studio it will be Westcott Titanium!
If you are looking to upgrade you really have to tune in to see this special kit on The Shopping Channel! I will be doing the launch in the 10pm spot tonight.

Tentative times (live tv means lot's of possible changes)
Tuesday - 10:20pm 
Wednesday - 7:25am, 10:15am, 7:50pm,  9:20pm
If you can't watch and want to purchase this kit online...wait until after the launch tonight at 10pm because I know The Shopping Channel always does an extra special price when there is a  new product being introduced!

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CalibyCreations said...

I have 3 sizes of the Westcott scissors. I love them.