Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 The Year of the Knot

 Okay, I might be late, but I am declaring 2012 as the Year of The Knot!  
It began at the end of 2011.  
I learned how to make a friendship bracelet.   A series of knots.

 Then John Bead released a whole group of hemp strings.  I learned a few more knots.
 Okay more than a few.
 I couldn't stop.

I love a craft that is low tech,  Just me, some string and a series of knots. 
I was thinking I might be on to something.  A new craft that I could take anywhere.

And now KUMIHIMO! 
The Japanese art of the knot. 
I am venturing down a path to learn this ancient art form. 
John Bead is bringing in all the supplies. 
I have books en route from Amazon. 
Google searches have begun. 
Let me know if you are a Kumihimo fan too!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Well that's good.. I just got one of those Kumihimo Disk's for Christmas. Looks like I'll be right on trend for the year of the knot! lol

Carmi said...

Cindy!!! You too? I have a few major deadlines this month...but my mind keeps wandering to all that I might try......yarns and hemp cord mixed with the silk. I have already made two awful cords.....but I am learning!

salla said...

I got my disk early last fall. It is awesome! I love to do the beaded 8 string braid. It looks like bead crochet (which I can't do at all!) and I love that.