Friday, December 02, 2011

I Almost Missed These

I have a Lee Valley about 45 minutes away from where I live.  Lee Valley has the most interesting tools, gardening equipment and so much more.  What I love about their retail store is that you write down what you want and someone goes deep into the warehouse to get it for you.  Very old school.  Anyway, every time I have been there in the last few years I have noticed these super cute and tiny locks.  I thought they would be fun on a necklace.  This week I finally added them to my list of items.  The gentleman serving me took some time getting my order sorted.  I noticed him going to the display case and pulling out the sample.  
Turns out these have been discontinued.  :(   
Lucky for me he let me buy the display and added in all the extra keys.  :)


MarissaDW said...

I love these locks! And I love Lee Valley. Haven't been there in awhile, have to make my visit for a possible Wallace gift.

Leslie Todd said...

Lee Valley is great. You're lucky to live close to a store! The locks are a great score!

Anonymous said...

We live close to the Lee Valley headquarters in Ottawa - many an hour has been spent wandering about in the showroom. We managed to quickly get some gifts this week BEFORE the monster IKEA opened around the corner.
- Monica