Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friendship Bracelet - My First

 This post is a salute to the gazillions of girls who have made and shared a classic friendship bracelet.
Now I know why if you get one you leave it tied on for a very long time.
 The Shopping Channel had The Friendship Bracelet Maker on air this fall and after seeing the wonderful samples I decided to buy two sets.  One for me and one for a crafty child in my life.  I felt obligated to test it out before presenting it to the child...just in case I was asked to demonstrate it!
 I pulled everything out of the box and followed the instructions.
 And that's when the whining began!
Well, a little under my breath complaining.
Do you see how many knots are needed?  Ten for every row....and you need 100 to make an inch of bracelet.....wait a minute....this will take some time!  So over the next two nights of TV viewing I made my bracelet.
 When you invest that much time into don't give it away willy nilly.  
It really has to go to a BFF.
 I glammed up my bracelet with a jeweled button.
My sample is now on my mannequin's wrist.  I'm not done.  I need to make a second bracelet to see if I can speed things up a little!  
I learned a thing or two though.

1.  Just because there is a child on the box...doesn't mean it is easy...or just for children.
2.  The tool itself is excellent.  I am thinking of other ways to use it.  Nothing holds strings in place better!  
3.  The online community for Friendship Bracelets is huge and the manufacturer has a wonderful facebook page with lots and lots of ideas.
4.  This is a great gift idea...but for my older girlfriends and not just their kids!


Karen said...

In Mexico you can get 100 bracelets for a dollar... hahahah

MarissaDW said...

I remember this. They're awesome. Kept mine for a long time.

Eileen Bergen said...

Well, it came out really nice in the end, even with the whining.

It's sort of like knitting or macramé. And the tighter the weave, the more time and effort ...

I bet the crafty child will be thrilled with it, as well as the effort you went to to test it out!