Thursday, November 24, 2011

Popcorn The Bear - The Good Life Card Set

 Good day to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving if you are reading this post on November 24.  This is another fun card making idea featuring Popcorn the Bear for the Crafters Companion Blog.
These decoupage or 3D sets are part of Popcorn's birthday CD.  The Birthday Collection CD is themed around parties and gift giving, making it perfect for creating charming birthday cards, or cards for any celebration. An excited Popcorn is pictured with balloons and gifts as he prepares for a magical bash with his best friend Souffle.
 And if you go the website right now you'll see that this amazing collection is on sale!
 I selected these two sheets and printed them onto white card stock because it seemed to me that I could have a front and a back of the bear for my special aperture card.
 Here is the 3D bear from the front.
 And here he is in 3D inside the card!
 I made the two other bears from the printed sheets as well!  Here is a birthday card.
And here is one perfect for today.  The Good Life.  
I hope you are having one too!

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Eileen Bergen said...

That is so cute! I Love the way you made both front and back. Very clever.