Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big Move

This has been a year preparing for our big move.  We found our new house and have just about completed the renovations.  Our current house is sold and over the next few weeks we will happily move to our new home.  
We are moving to the country.  
When we moved to our current house twelve years ago it was "the country."  Now, it is a fully developed small city and the growth all around us has been extreme.  
Our new home backs onto a farm.  Our view is big and wide.  We see nothing but fields of corn.
Believe it or not.  This was our first night in the new house.  The sunset was incredible.
I feel like the gods have smiled on our decision.

Blogging may be sporadic for a while!


susanc said...

Congratulations on your new home Carmi! What an absolutely spectacular sunset - wow!!!

Irene said...

beautiful, enjoy your new home. Did you bring your dragon.

Suze said...

Carm... Can't wait to visit the new house when I take a future trip up.. So fortunate u were able to sell the other one. All the very best to you guys & the new space!!!!

MarissaDW said...

Congratulations to you and Paul on finding your new home. You certainly put a lot of time and effort in selling; finding and renovating. I hope you have before and after shots. I'm so glad it finally happened. What a great sunset! Enjoy your new home! Hugs!