Monday, August 01, 2011

A Give-A-Way For Everyone In The World! - OVER

In the spirit of holiday give-a-ways (it is a civic holiday for me in my Canadian province) here is another give-a-way for anyone who lives anywhere accept the USA or Canada!  
They already have their own give-a-way!
I love this S.W.A.L.K. rubber stamp set from the Crafter's Companion and I am giving it away!
I will run this at the same time I am running the one for American readers.
To enter, you must be from any country other than Canada or the USA!  Leave a comment, let me know where you are writing from and I'll choose a winner Monday August 8th.


Franca said...

What a great day for me to stop by your blog ... I qualify and you know where you can find me ! XO

Zélia Silva said...


My name´s Zélia and I´m from Portugal.
I´m very pleased with your works.You have beautiful crafts.Congratulations for your imagination and creativity.
I love,too,scrapbooking and stamps.
I´d be very pleased if you visite my blog:

Yours sincerely


Suella said...

I'm Suella, and I'm from England. Your work is very attractive and inspirational, and I enjoy my subscritption to your blog.

I can see just how I'd use your SWALK stamp, sharing it with friends and sending sweet nothings to my dear husband of 41 years.

Mary Jane said...

Hi Carmi
I was looking forward to your appearance on the Shopping Channel on Monday. I saw your first and only segment and I ordered the new scrapbooking pages. Could you show some of your completed pages on your blog? I don't know what happened to the other segments that were scheduled. I thought your portion of the show was very interesting and informative. I did not like the Cricut presentation.

Carmi said...

Hi Mary Jane!
I'll post some finished images of my pagemats in the next day or two for sure! Trying to find time to photograph them!

carol said...

i'm caRol from australia.

i've just had my 6oth birthday and looking forward to the rest of my liFe
tHought i'D start with an entry on your bLog.