Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer T-Shirt Embellishments

I really like buying plain t-shirts which I can embellish myself.  Adding fabric flowers is especially pleasing!
 This one is made with a stack of fabric flowers, felt and a button.
 This flower has an extra special resin filled bezel embellishment.
Now, here is my big tip!  I attach my flower embellishments in a way that allows me to remove them before I wash the t-shirt!  These are good old fashioned sew-on snaps that you can buy in any fabric store.
They are really easy to sew on.
In case you are wondering, these flowers are from an amazing collection I presented on The Shopping Channel.  They are on sale right now!
With over 490 pieces, this kit is full of fresh flowers in a variety of different sizes, colours and textures. You will be layering up some fun in no time! 
What a bargain!


fishyfacedesigns said...

Love it.. I could see some fun ideas and projects evolving from this post... Thank you...Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care,

Eileen Bergen said...

Thanks for the shopping tip, Carmi. That's a bargain and I can think of many uses for those darling flowers,

I love your t-shirt idea and I'm thinking tote bags and cards as well.