Friday, June 03, 2011

Making a Necklace Pendant from a Mold

 This new necklace features a pendant I made with Envirotex Lite.
 On Resin Crafts blog I had a week dedicated to mold making.
 Molds are so easy to make!
For colour I used metallic rub-ons.   
 I will be very happy wearing this necklace!


fishyfacedesigns said...

I really enjoy all the information you are sharing on your Resin Craft Blog, It's been cool to read, Herny's wives turned out pretty cool.
Take care,

Nicki said...

this is gorgeous! i would love to try this out ~ but with an ever expanding craft room ~ im not sure if i would be able to stop once i started!
This is gorgeous, hope you enjoy wearing it lots

larra@ fireplace glass said...

Nice and cool necklace! It looks relly easy to do it, thanks.