Thursday, June 09, 2011

Avoid The Purple Ones

What is a trip to Paris without a few macaroons with coffee?
There is a fabulous upscale cafeteria at the Louvre Museum that looks like a restaurant.  With one of our lunches we got a complimentary cup of macaroons.  The brown one was clearly a coffee flavour.  The light green was pistachio flavoured.  The purple one had us stumped.
Because it tasted awful.
But we nibbled away trying to figure out what it was.
Great in soap and potpourri...not so great as a macaroon.

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Pat de Verre said...

I am so sorry you did'nt like lavender taste. I love it in ice-cream, crème brulée and macaron but, all is a question of measure...not too much lavender in the paste and the result is subtle...Enjoy an other time maybe at Ladurée.