Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm At The Shopping Channel Today!

If all goes to plan I should be on at 11:20ish and again at 11:50am.
Then 3:23ish and 3:50pm
Finally 8:23ish and 8:50pm

I am presenting 3 Birds paper crafts products!

Cricut Expression is on first and then I give Heather a wee break before she comes back with the Cricut Cake and Martha Stewart bundle!  Should be a fun day!  Email if you watch!  I love the company and feedback!


fishyfacedesigns said...

Have a great time... dont get nervous....

MarissaDW said...

Oh no, I'm going to miss you. Maybe I can try to catch you for 8:50pm but I bet I'll get booted out by my boys and take control of the Wii. Have fun!


I miss my Shopping Channel. Heather is always great. I believe you will do the same. Have fun!

fishyfacedesigns said...

I didnt get to see your new show, so I wanted to stop back by and ask... HOW did it go? Hope it was awesome!
Happy Mother's Day everyone.