Monday, May 09, 2011

Can I Just Draw Dolls Today?

I picked up this very sweet book in Paris last month.  I just love Kokeshi dolls from Japan so the picture caught my eye.
 Then I opened it up and found the most amazing fabric squares just ready to peel and stick!
 And some fabulous instructions to draw and colour my own dolls.
 I need to bring this book on a vacation.
 I can't take/make the time to play with the book ideas right now.
But I can flip through the pages and smile.


fishyfacedesigns said...

What a cute fun fun book!

Mitzi said...

How adorable, Carmi! I would have fun with a book like that myself!

Cross stitch said...

This is a nice little book

Eileen Bergen said...

I bought myself a doodling animals book from letters and numbers. I felt a bit silly, because it's written for kids. I don't feel so silly anymore. It's very freeing to just follow along for a change.

Good for you too. Have fun with it, Carmi :-)