Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sharing Provence With You

 Everything I hoped I would see in Provence came true.  It really is a beautiful part of the world.
 You can't make up scenes like this.
 We visited the Pope's Palace.  This medieval building is amazing to walk through.
 Avignon is a beautiful city.
 They have kept up the ancient architecture and added in the new.
 Classic Provence imagery is a feast for the eyes
 I had no idea that the cicada bug represented french folklore.  You see the bug shape everywhere.
We drove through the mini alps and visited several ancient sites.  The highlight was Les Baux village on a rocky peak.
 I love when homes and stores work around ancient architectural structures..
 Things to tempt your wallet are everywhere.
Of all the things we saw and did seeing this 1000 year old olive grove was my favorite. 
There are three of them here.  They stand in front of a Roman Aqueduct built by the Romans in 1st Century AD.
I"ll share more about this trip soon.


nancy said...

next visit you have to show me around!!

Joanne Huffman said...

beautiful images.

Franca said...

Carmi, I have a picture of the exact tree(s) taken almost 14 years ago !!!!