Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pauline Came Back!

In my book "Art Girl's Guide to Paris" I have a section dedicated to the two antique markets I always go to.  I have noticed that many of the vendors are there year after year.  This lovely lady was not at the market for a few years.  Pauline popped up in a little empty space at the market a few years ago and everyone with me bought a painting or two from her.  Each year I wondered if I would see her again.
Last Saturday as we were starting to walk back to the Metro she appeared.  Wearing what I think is her lucky blue suit.  I think the other vendors just let her set up when there is an open space.  How could you say no?  She is cute as a button!
She uses oil on a thin wood board for her paintings.  I would love to have a long chat with her.  Sadly, I didn't bring a copy of my book to the market.  I think she would have been very surprised to see a picture of herself in it.

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Sharon said...

I would buy the rooster on the second shelf from the top.