Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bisous Card Set Two

I have another lovely grouping of art cards.  
They were inspired by my second Bisous scrap booking kit.

 The kit I used is called Take-Out and you can have a much better look at it by using this link.

Each piece of paper in this collection is a collage just waiting for you to use or cut.  All I had to do was isolate which section of the paper I liked the best.

The diamonds were a great design choice for me.  I made one inch buttons from part of the paper and then I attached this little kokeshi doll embellishment.

I made her by photocopying the art onto ink jet lazertran and then I transferred it to the polymer clay surface.  Everything was baked into place.

Bisous has amazing chipboard embellishments.  I placed the pink chipboard heart on the back ground paper and thought the card looked pretty good...but then out came some buttons I made.....and pink flocked flowers.

This card features two layers of paper.  The theme is unknown.  I just enjoyed making buttons from the left over paper and then attached my shell fish with clear glue.

Finally, I made one Easter Card and One Mother's Day card.


Wax Beach Artist said...

Great cards! I love all the things you do with buttons. Who doesn't love buttons!?!

Suz said...

Wow...those aren't cards...they are ART!...Suz