Saturday, April 09, 2011

April In Paris - I'm Back!

Surprise Surprise!  I am blogging from Paris!  This fabulous loaf was sitting on the table waiting for our arrival.  I am traveling with my best friend!
We landed at 10am and by noon we were right here! Our apartment is right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. It is very warm here. I can't believe we got a blue sky day so soon. Parisians are sunning themselves everywhere and most people are wearing t-shirts and other summer outfits.

I hate to lose a day in Paris to jet lag. So even though we slept very little, we set out to make the most of our day. We walked many kilometres from the tower area to the Jardin des Tuileries.
We decided to make today our day to see the famous Monet Les Nympheas at the Musee de l'Orangerie. I had no idea how big these paintings were and that there are eight of them in two separate oval shaped rooms. It is overwhelming to walk in and see them for the first time.

If you love Monet, you must see them. I was able to take quite a few photos. Monet's paint strokes look like nothing close up...but when you stand back and see the flowers you can appreciate his genius.

I also did not know that the l'Orangerie has a major art collection featuring the works of Manet, Modigliani, Renoir and their contemporaries. Where have I been? I should have seen this collection a long time ago!

My first meal in Paris.  At Angelina's.  No, I did not have the hot is too hot!

But I did have a cafe au lait and this fabulous dessert.

Easter chocolate is everywhere!  How happy I am to be here!
I'll be posting from Paris on this blog until the 17th!


Elizabeth said...

Ah beauty where you look in Paris, have a great time enjoy the sunshine, its raining like cats and dogs here.

Olivia Rose said...

L'Orangerie is one of my favourite art galleries. I love the smaller ones where you can be calmer and saunter through. If you haven't been to Rodin's Museum it is lovely in the summer as it has many of his sculptures out in the gardens amongst the flowers and foliage and a great collection of Camille Claudel's are there. It is near you: metro Varenne. Bourdelle's Museum has sculptures outside as well, as does Zadkine's. Both worth the trip George Sand's house turned into Musee de La Vie Romantique is lovely and you can have tea in the garden.

The Clever Pup said...

L'Orangerie and Angelina - I did them on the same day too

Pat de Verre said...

Great day, Angelina is a corner of paradise and the Orangerie too.
Go to Giverny, it is so beautiful.You really understand Monet's art and way of life when you visit his garden and his house