Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Perfect Day for Antiquing - Day Two In Paris

It is warm and sunny in Paris.  It is so nice to leave the coat and scarf at home and wander down all the many aisles at the big antique market north of Paris.   
 The wisteria trees are in full bloom.  Timing is everything.  Last year I wanted to show these to my friend Nancy and there was not one purple petal to be found.
 This angel was basking in the sunshine.
 I think the bunnies were plotting out their Easter routes.
 Oh the heads.  I have so many new pictures to work with!
 Yes, I think this chair would look great in my studio. 
(Hope Claudine doesn't see this salute to death.)
 The blue vase my friend was very expensive.  We found a better one later in the day and the dealer practically gifted her with it.  Yeah for patience and shopping savvy!
 Everywhere you look there are things to buy, touch or photograph. 
The merchandising is natural but oh so effective.
 The picture I was not supposed to take.  VOILA!  I did buy velvet wallpaper from this vendor.
We need sun bonnets.  Feeling left out without them.

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nancy said...

the wisteria is beautiful!!!