Friday, February 18, 2011

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Some places that I see in my travels need a more permanent memento. Photos on my computer are not going to be enough. I know that when I get home I will make time to capture my visit in a piece of art.

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris was one of those places for me. I only saw it ten months ago for the first time and I think of it often.

It was very easy to get to the cemetery via the Paris Metro. This piece of paper stayed in my pocket all day.

And it became an envelope of sorts. I picked up some metal, a broken piece of a ceramic flower and some dried leaves walking along the paths in the cemetery.

If you go to my Paris blog I posted pictures there of these amazing ceramic flower memorials.

This week I printed some of those pictures on paper I decided to collage them into this odd circular frame.

I added the items I picked up on my travels that day and then contributed a few more dried flowers to my collage. Then I filled the entire frame with resin. This is a very big bezel!

Finding a home for a circular frame...will not be easy!

My last step was to select one of the over 300 pictures to actually place in the frame. This was one of my favorite photos. I feel like I really captured my visit with this piece. You would imagine a cemetery to be dark and sad. But for me it was full of light and flowers.


nancy said...

one of my favorite days in paris!!!! i coulod have spent 3 days and not see it all!!
and remember our lunch!
thanks for sharing it with me.

Eileen Bergen said...

Where did you ever find the frame, Carmi? It's really unique.

I love what you've done with it - just perfect.