Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Crafter's Companion Celebration Boards Heart Cards

There have been so many blogs featuring designs for Valentine's day that I just had to make a few special pop up cards too!
On Wednesday I will be happily demonstrating on behalf of the Crafter's Companion at The Shopping Channel. One of the items I present is this new set of embossing boards named "Celebration." These boards are double sided and on the reverse of one board is a set of hearts I wanted to use. I only have 1-2 minutes to show them, so I never get to say all that I want to, so I prepared this blog post to show you how I got these cards made.

I decided to make two different pop out cards. One with two windows and the second with three. That is a lot of popping out to coordinate!

I have said it a dozen times since I got my hands on the Ultimate. This tool turns a three hour job into a 15 minute project. I began by scoring all the card body components. This is a no-brainer since the measurements are already on the board.

Then I took the cards that would be the inside pop out section and scored half of one heart shape to the inside score line.

That half of a heart allows me to cut a beautiful full heart when the card is folded back in half.

So here are the five inside sections with the hearts cut out and the five card bodies.

Then I pulled out my Dollar store metal hearts! Aren't they great! A pack of 8 with the matching plastic string for $1.

I strung up the hearts and after making sure they dangled properly taped the string in place.

Then I taped the sets together.

After that step, it was all about the stash! I pulled out rub-ons and bling and all sorts of hearts paper embellishments.

The triple pop out card turned out so well!

This is the card from the reverse.
The double pop out card I was meant to mail...but I went a little overboard on fat embellishments. This one does close with a ribbon though!
Here is the double pop out opened.

This was such a great project for me! I have two more samples to bring to the show Wednesday!

And then I'll have two great samples to give away for Valentines!


donna!ee said...

this is the best valentine ever. love the dimensionality of it, excellent color & content! :)

meemee48 said...


PatR said...

Fantastic card just perfect for Valentines. As you say the board makes easy work of card making. xx

Tina Tackett Lake said...

I loved the valentines day card!!!! what hme shopping....hsn, qvc... I really like them!!!! Love the color and how its put together!!!!

Carmi said...

Hi Tina! I am on the Canadian "The Shopping Channel."

Cyndi L said...

I would absolutely flip if I ever received anything like this. Sounds like I need to *make* some!!

MarissaDW said...

I love your pop-out cards. I got my crafters companion tool...it will make it simpler to do all my popout card samples for my classes.

Eileen Bergen said...

That's absolutely gorgeous, Carmi!

The person who receives that will certainly know s/he is loved. I'd have a hard time giving it away!