Friday, January 14, 2011

Accordian Fold Baby Cards With Crafters Companion

In an effort to really get comfortable with The Ultimate (which I am presenting on The Shopping Channel Tuesday) I have made several different sample card sets.

The accordion fold or concertina card has always been a favorite but like most people I got tired with all the measuring you need to do to make a card body.

With my Ultimate board I can make these card bodies in under a minute.

Really! I'll be demoing them on TV. Once you have a wonderful card body, it is so easy to just decorate it. These baby cards were so much fun to make. But then I had a thought.
I added a lot of thick embellishments to these cards. There was no way I would be able to get them into an envelope.

So out came my Crafter's Companion Ultimate again! Using their box making instructions I scored these pieces of card stock.

The boxes are an even better addition to these cards than an envelope would have been! Plus, I had yet another surface to decorate.

A small piece of ribbon makes this card the gift.


Irene said...

I absolutely need one of these demos.

GunnyMom said...

I just got the Ultimate last week and am unhappy with it. The tools fall out won't stay put and the detachable lock for the handle keeps coming off....did I get a defective one ?

Carmi said...

Hello there,
The tools sit very nicely in their spaces if you open the the panel from the right direction...since I am demoing it on TV I have learned not to open it the wrong way. The handle lock should be easy to pop on and off you can get to the inside panels with ease...If you watch the DVD included you might see how the inventor uses the Ultimate...Sara did an amazing job demonstrating how to use it. Oh and YouTube has many demonstration videos too! I wish I could show you how to use it in person!

FootAhead said...

Those are beautiful! I will be buying my ultimate this week and I'm excited to start creating my very first cards, boxes, and everything in it.