Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Coat In The Window

It isn't often that you see a coat in a Paris store window with the letter "L" visible in the doorway.
And really "L" in Paris stands for opposed to the North American "Large" we all know and love.
But the "L" we saw and Nancy and I both loved the coat.
"Try it looks like a normal size" I said.
But alas. It did not fit Nancy. I tried it on too and the buttons strained as I tried to close them.
We were both sad. Sad because the coat was different and pretty.
But more so because it was ON SALE.
No doubt I will run into this coat again next time I am in Paris. Some size 2 Parisian will walk by and I'll end up screaming "that's my coat!"

1 comment :

nancy said...

we should have split the coat and hung it as art!!! it was beautiful......c'est la vie,....