Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Mibo Studio Calendar Project

Look at these fantastic graphic images!
This entire calendar is a digital file that you can buy online. It is only $3.95 US and I found it on Mibo's fun website in the UK. I printed it on some glossy 8 1/2 x 11 paper and then cut each page in half.

I finally had a reason to pull out my Zutter! This was a wonderful gift from my friend Doveen, and I had hoped to use it more often this past year. It binds books and journals in a snap.

I punched holes through the top of each calendar page. Zutter does all the work for you.

Then I added a binding coil to the tool and bound the calendar.

Here is my calendar in the kitchen. I think it is better than a piece of art! I can't wait to have the month of May on display!

The Mibo Studio planner is available as a free download. Isn't that generous! I am leaving this graphic on my computer. The download is linked here.


Pretty Things said...

Those look awesome!

Eileen Bergen said...

That is lovely, Carmi, And it goes perfectly with your kitchen decor. Thanks for the tips.