Friday, November 12, 2010

Yup, I am A Prude

A prude ( Old French-prude meaning honourable woman) is a person who is described as (or would describe themselves as) being concerned with decorum or propriety, significantly in excess of normal prevailing community standards.

So as a prude, you can understand my reaction to this vintage greeting card.
What the heck is this girl doing at the mail box in her undies? Oh, you 50's designers. What were you thinking?

So I scanned her and digitally dressed her.

And now she is a cute, sweet, innocent button.


Karen said...

You are too funny!!!

Kathyk said...

And looks, if anything, even more3 adorable as your dressed button too!


Meagan said...

Hilarious! I think, by this definition, I am a prude, too!

Lisa PN said...

good choice! i would have done the same thing!