Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Most Expensive Ribbon In My Stash

I can't really call this ribbon.
But for lack of a better term, this is the most expensive fiber embellishment in my collection.
It is French. Very old. Very beautiful and from an antique clothing vendor at the big market north of Paris.

I almost left the market that day with some Euros in my wallet. It was a great outing and I didn't feel like I needed any one item in particular. Until I saw this roll of gold inside a very crowed glass display. I thought that the vendor would never make time to show it to me, so I would just admire it through the glass, maybe snap a photo and leave.
But no. The vendor was really happy to show it to me. And in the moment she placed it before me I knew I would sell small children in order to have it. Okay, that was overly dramatic.
I knew I would be willing to walk miles to a cash machine if I needed to. But a deal was brokered. It still is a number I will never admit to....but I thought I would share this with you because I am close to breaking a very big law in my studio. Use it or lose it. I have to use some of this ribbon in 2010 or I either give it away or I don't get to buy anything new (or antique) in 2011. This blog is a very tough taskmaster.

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Dale said...

that ribbon really is lovely, it's true.

Use idea? it would be sooo lovely on top of another very simple colored ribbon as a cuff. And that would use a small amount of the uber-expensive ribbon.

nancy said...

i love this ribbon and would use it to decorate one of your beautiful pair of jeans ( or mine)
and cherish them always!!!!

Irene said...

I like both ideas. But good luck having the courage to cut it.

Suze Weinberg said...

use it baby...use it !

Karen said...

Stunning! I can think of a 100 uses. Use your imagination Cra,i. I am sure you'll do something mazing with it. I won't be able to use this on you as part of your will task... It would disappear :)

Carmi said...

I know I know...I'll do something...and I'll do it before Christmas!

Barbara said...

Love your ribbon. It make one want to look and not use.
Yummy, yummy ribbon..........
Can't wait to see what you use it on.