Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafters Companion - I Love This Tool!

For the last month, whenever I had a moment, I sat down to watch the DVD that came with my Crafters Companion Ultimate. The DVD is jam-packed with both instructions for using the boards and twelve additional demonstrations to make these fantastic cards, books and boxes. I was mesmerized by how much content was provided on the DVD. Each of these additional videos is a class unto itself.

So I worked my way through each mini workshop.
These are the "stand up card with hidden message" and "double pop up card."

This is how they look opened!

These are the "hidden panel card," "dangling heart aperture card" and the classic "pop out" cards.

These little boxes look cute as is.

The first is hiding the "fold out greeting card" box and the second is an extra thick 3d card with a matching sized box sample.

These are the "concertinas memories card" and the "fold out greeting card and matching box."

I loved making this odd shaped box!

These boxes are my second favorite group of samples.

They hide the samples for the "exploding card."

I wanted to make both of these samples. The first features the envelo-box (thicker for 3d cards) and the "handbag card."

There is always a secret addition inside!

Another pop out card and a special "K card."

This is my favorite! Small and so deceiving.

The "squash book card!"

Finally a few final "gate fold" cards and a "star book" card.

Now. You show me a tool that comes with a DVD to make all these samples!
The Ultimate has catapulted me into making thicker more dimensional cards.
Today (September 30th) is the last day you can buy the Crafter's Companion Ultimate at the special pricing.
My next project is to work through the Christmas DVD that came with the package...2 1/2 more hours of instruction!


nancy said...

so much work!!!!these are wonderful. i wish i had your patience.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Wow, your cards look great! I would have a hard time picking a favorite. Connie

Irene said...

These look wonderful, but I just can't buy another tool.

Heather Lancaster said...

SO NICE! My favorite are the exploding cards that look like a little gift box! It's the gift of memories!!

Karen said...

This is amazing! Bad thing for a tool junkie... :)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

If you already have the tool, can you get the Christmas discs separately? Guess I'll have to watch t.v. tomorrow :)

Susan Williamson said...

You were mesmerized? No kidding! I'm floored at how many cards you created. First rate Carmi!

SaraDavies said...

WOW! Carmi you have been busy! I'm so impressed with how quickly you've picked up the tool!