Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Oval Button Experiment

Oval. The shape I have the hardest time cutting out.

Lucky for me there is a punch that was designed to work with my new oval button maker machine!

I am experimenting with the artwork that I used in my rectangle button maker.
Some art works perfectly in the oval shape. Some just doesn't fit within the curved edge.
I see a favorite or two! These new oval buttons will make my fall card projects really stand out. I'll be making some pocket mirrors with this machine too.
Ahhh. New tool in the studio...not a lot of time to play with it this week though.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

These are wonderful!

jeswel said...

I love the paper choices! Gorgeous!!

Karen said...

Carmi, they are the best ones yet!!!! I need the Paris ones.. hahaha

maneki said...

These are just fab! I really like ovals, think that shape is so good for many motifs.

May I ask how big the buttons are?

Silke said...

The oval is really nice, may I ask what button machine you are using? I have thinking about getting one for some time but I just don't know anything about it so it's hard to choose ... Did you buy yours online ?

Carmi said...

All my button makers are made by Tecre. They are online in many different stores.