Monday, July 05, 2010

Things You Can't Even Imagine

I am constantly amazed by what grows in my garden....that I didn't plant.
This is a mushroom. Doesn't it look extraterrestrial?

I thought I was seeing things. I am so glad I grabbed my camera because they were only in the mulch for a day or two. How they garnered any nutrients in the wood I do not know.

Maybe they are mulch mushrooms.


Irene said...

It is amazing isn't it.

Sharon said...

I've never seen anything like it! They look like crystals. I think the air is humid enough to support mushroom life even in the mulch which is kind of moist underneath. Really beautiful.

Mel said...

Ooh!! These are gorgeous! Next time you see some, pick them and make mushroom prints and use them in your art! :D

christina lazar-schuler said...

They almost look like dandelion seed heads! so pretty. you're lucky you caught them =) Nice pics my friend!