Monday, May 24, 2010

Beaded, Collaged Memory Bag

These images represent the most thoughtful and kind gift I have ever received.
A box arrived in the mail for me and when I opened it I was thrown completely off balance.
I was not expecting such an amazing gift. I was certainly not expecting to see our two best friends remembered in such a beautiful way. This is the front of the bag.
The back is equally spectacular.
A few of you will know right away who's hand work this is because you have one of her bags too.
This was made for me by Sharon Ginsberg.

There is no part of this piece that isn't embellished with photos of the boys.
We lost Shadow in the summer of 2008 and Shamus followed him last summer.
Although they are gone, we still talk about them every day.

Sharon managed to use my favorite pictures of the boys. I have no idea how she accumulated them.

The hand embellishing is so thoughtful. Little charms and stitches are everywhere.

But Paul and I both agree that this spot might have to be out favorite. This is Shadow, our King. We must have called him that one million times.

Sharon added extra fiber here and you would swear it was Shadow's fur. The hand is surely representing the one million massages this dog demanded and received in his life. He was a cuddler. They both were, but Shadow just had his own way of getting twice the love.

All these details and embellishments are overwhelming. The bag will need to be displayed and protected. I am thinking about getting an acrylic box made. For now, it is the most tactile reminder I have to celebrate Shadow and Shamus. Thank you Sharon.
We love you.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

An AMAZINGLY tender tribute to your beloved Goldens. Sharon is indeed a sweet spirit to have made such a perfect keepsake. Peace to all today.

claudine hellmuth said...

this is amazing! what a beautiful gift and tribute to your fur babies!!

MarissaDW said...

What a beautiful Memory bag! A great tribute to Shamus and Shadow. Sharon you're amazing...and don't you forget it!

Karen said...

What more can I add! A great memory from a great person for a great couple....

me again said...

This is so touching. How very thoughtful and kind. It's a beautiful lifetime treasure.

Michelle | Sales Sheets said...

Really cute! Such a personalized bag! I would love something like this :O)