Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Secret Door

The bridge statues in Paris are truly awe inspiring. I was enjoying this fellow when I looked down at the cement pillar holding him in place. The plaque had a date on it.
1854. That is quite old.
Then I noticed that this plaque was a door. I just had to see if it opened.

Darn. Litterbugs got here first. If I had been wearing gloves I would have cleaned this out and left something more interesting.


Sharon said...

Can you believe it? But it was healthy litter, wasn't it. Not a beer can or pop. What's with the ring business? Would it fit on a thumb? Did the lady talk to you in English? So many questions...I should be there. I mean it. Fabulous pics as always.

Tina Gilmore said...

Awwww, make sure you take your gloves next time, what would you have left in there? I remember ages ago reading a blog about an artist who left art around for people to find - you've given me some ideas. Gorgeous photos.