Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beloved Paris

We are ready to go home.
Here's hoping our flights leave French airspace tomorrow!
If it doesn't, here are the jobs Nancy and I are considering applying for.
1. The vintage bead shop in the antique market is a mess. Piles and piles everywhere. I have been wanting to reorganize it for years. I would create passable aisles and an actual area for a cash register or cash out area. Nancy was lobbying for a job in the vintage metals shop last week already. I think she'll work in exchange for a door knocker at this point.
2. We would like to take garbage bags and a pick to the big cemetery. There is a little too much garbage piled up in many of the crypts. They need to be cleared out and then we could see what else was behind the locked grill or doorway. We did see a sign that weeding will begin May 1. Good. The fall leaves need to be raked away too.
3. Cleaners are needed. We would like to dust the Versailles Palace. Then we could get some great photos from the other side of the rooms. I might lie down in Marie Antoinette's bed though, so I doubt we'll get security clearance now that I have typed that here in my blog.
4. I think we would be a great addition to the wholesale jewelery area. Their buildings are huge and no one is teaching any classes here. One owner sent us through to the back to see all the things he was no longer using. We would love to repackage all those components into class kits!
So many options. Going home is wish ONE though!


me again said...

Hope you get out as planned! My SIL, the one stuck in Scotland, has been told that if their now-scheduled Friday departure gets somehow muffed up, they are looking at several more days before leaving. Yikes! Fingers crossed that you enjoy your "last day in Paris" and finally you will be "leaving on a jet plane" (go on, sing along......).

Have some more bread and cheese and pastries before you go, though! And maybe sneak in some more shopping!!

martha brown said...

I'm pretty sure that you and Nancy should both be working at the antique market. Good luck on the ride home!

Karen said...

Safe travels and see you soon

Irene said...

I love your ideas.

Sharon said...

I also need a little job. And I can speak a few words of French. Maybe I could be a dog walker and cozy up to that fab French Mastiff. Wow, wouldn't that be something.
Safe flight home. Hope they serve some champagne.