Thursday, July 09, 2015

Over The Top Statement Necklace #4 In Series

I have shown a level of constraint that even surprised me with this necklace design!
I am so happy with this finished piece and I have already worn it and received lovely compliments.
The inspiration for this necklace is the "over the top glass electroplated and enameled component" designed by Dee Perry.  This is my fourth and final project featuring her work.  I met Dee and picked up these pieces at the Bead and Button show earlier this month.  I made a promise to myself that I would use each purchase in a necklace by the end of the month. I am just a week or two late.
I was having some difficulty decided how to string the main piece when I happened upon the Lucite chain in the Tropical Punch collection at John Bead.  I had one strand and after showing this to our Creative Manager Fernando DaSilva, he pulled out a second strand from his stash to help me to better balance my necklace.
I have loved this Lucite chain from the moment I saw it.  Now I can show off the hand made component and the chain beautifully.
There was nothing left to do but choose a clasp.

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